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To Shan

by puffin published on


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Who or what is Puffin? We all have a right to our opinions Puffin. Perhaps if you joined in our conversations we might consider yours carried some weight.

The amount of melodrama going on about a fire that wiped out an over-restored building in the dead of night with no harm to any living thing, and which was probably well and truly insured, is quite astounding to many of us. It is not unseemly to express that opinion publicly.

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Thank you Jim.

To JW & Puffin: I find the wringing of hands quite melodramatic. It is not as though someone lost their, home, their life, a loved one or their livelihood.

Yes, it is sad it burned down and I'm sure it will be inconvenient but it is not the end of the world. HFW will undoubtably have insurance to cover the cost and to restore the barn.

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Not Heartless at all,
The Lady is a realist.

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Yes, have to agree your comments were rather heartless Shan

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