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Seed potatoes 12 3441 selfheal

12th March 2009

Quorn Dosi

added by selfheal

Quorn Dosi is a wonderful vegetarian dish! (this is coming from a resolute meat eater) Its simple to prepare although can take longer to cook than some may like to do on a week night. 'Lazy' ginger and chilli paste also work as good substitutes Its a little like an upside down vegetarian and indian style shepards pie!!! The 'topping' is a spicey and fragrant tomatoey quorn sauce and the base is a gooey flavoursome mashed potato. I cant get enough of it! By its nature its not 'hot' spicey, more flavoursome, however you could pump the heat up as much as you like! I also like to add a portabello mushroom or two in when i have them in the fridge- the great thing about this recipe is you can adapt it to what you have in stock or the veg you like. However if your pressed for time/effort then use the 'topping' section of the recipe and eat it with pasta or a baked potato!

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23rd October 2008
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