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what a waste, these plenty!

by toni_rumens published on

I don't own a car so me and my son walk every where. On our journies we have found plenty of treats on the way! from behind tescos car park 3 plum trees and a cherry tree. on the way to holbrook school an unused cooking apple tree in some ones garden, im sure if you smile and ask you may recieve. At the top of dursely road a row of blackberry bushes, and on wiltshire drive behind the dentist there is a chestnut tree. 

All this is going to waste as i walk these routes regualry, and i watch as fruit ripens then falls and rots! its such a shame to see such beautiful harvests go to waste.

Not all is lost tho as me and my son have collected some of this plentiful harvest and made some lovely treats and have enjoyed it over and over again , but there are still lot for the picking and is crying out for some one to use them .

Even if it is justfor a simple dish as  plums and custard.  ( my favourite!)

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They dont go to 'waste' I am sure all the birds and wildlife eat them. Just because a human does not have them does not mean they are wasted, they just go to whom mother nature intended them for. I like wild fruits but only take a fair share so natures winter larder is not robbed completely.Good for you for walking though ,you do see so much more than the back of other cars. Hermit

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It is sad to see so much go to waste. If you can carry them, why not have a go at making some jams or jellies? Chestnuts can also be preserved as chestnut puree. You can then enjoy your free bounty through the winter months.

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