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John Gregory-Smith


John Gregory-Smith is a food and travel writer, presenter and chef. He has written four cookbooks: Orange Blossom & Honey, Turkish Delights, Mighty Spice Express and Mighty Spice Cookbook.

John started his career launching a spice brand into Sainsbury’s when he was 24. He then moved into writing and presenting, working on both sides of the Atlantic.

John currently lives in London and spends his time travelling the world, visiting some of the most far-flung, remote destinations to learn about home cooking and street food. He has a particular interest in North African and Middle Eastern food. He is currently working on a new cook book, travelling around the Eastern Mediterranean.

Recently he has written for BA Highlife, Grazia, Evening Standard, Attitude, Out There, The i, The Independent, Delicious and Feel Good Food. His recipes have been featured in The Times, The Telegraph, Sainsbury’s Magazine, The Daily Mail, Hello!, GQ, Red, The Wall Street Journal and Men’s Health, and he recently appeared on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch.

John always receives rave reviews for his raucous pop-ups and events, each one themed and inspired by his travels.