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Mad Dog Mcrea


Mad Dog Mcrea are headlining the main stage  on Saturday.

You can get a taste of their muic here.

Mad Dog Mcrea blend a unique mixture of folk rock, pop, gypsy jazz, bluegrass and ‘shake your ass’ music. From self-penned songs of adventure, drinking, love and life, to traditional songs of gypsies, fairies, legless pirates and black flies – Mad Dog never fail to capture their audience with their infectious songs.

A truly fantastic festival band Mad Dog have performed at the very best with regular appearances at Glastonbury.

Mad Dog’s 2015 album ALMOST HOME was produced by Sean Lakeman.

“It’s always a joy to me when something jumps up and smacks you between the eyes – Mad Dog Mcrea did that to me” – Mike Harding

“This is music that transcends the run-of-the-mill Irish Wannabes and leaves them standing.” – Acoustic Magazine