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Windrush Willow Weaving


Suzanne and Richard Kerwood have been growing and weaving willow in East Devon since 1997.

Planting 157 varieties, harvesting annually by hand then leaving them to dry, the eventual weaving of these beautiful rods has given them a real sense of pride in both their work and efforts to achieve an environmentally balanced lifestyle.

With their sale of cuttings and living willow they calculate to have been responsible for the planting either directly or indirectly of over 500,000 willow trees to date. Each one extracting and locking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

At Windrush Willow they use no herbicides or pesticides, the only inputs are sunlight and water.

At the Festival Suzanne and Richard will be offering taster workshops, so you can spend an hour making a willow fish or dragonfly or maybe a snail or a bird feeder. Or drop in for 2 minutes and make a magic star wand (a small fee applies for some of these activities).