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Kitcamp are thrilled to be joining the team at River Cottage to bring along their giant den building kits for building sessions. These sessions are aimed at children aged 3-8 years.


Kitcamp is a modular den building kit that allows children to imagine, build and create their own play spaces, whether that be submarines, castles and towers, bakeries or doctors surgeries, or maybe a “Rocket-Zoo” or time machines.

Kitcamp is big enough to scramble inside and really get physical with, yet strong and robust enough to climb on. It is also super light to enable the children to manage building on their own with it’s simple and secure locking mechanisms. Kitcamp comes with panels, tunnels, sail cloths, white boards and a whole raft of accessories to enrich imaginative play and really let it take flight.

Kitcamp is a great learning tool too - through play of course! Kitcamp encourages creative imaginative play, it also encourages a diverse range of physical activities: both fine and gross motor skills and spatial awareness and encourages cognitive activity through problem solving, team building and negotiating.

Only a limited number of children are able to play at one time so there might be a short wait until the kit becomes available. 

Importantly we ask that parents are present at all times to supervise their children otherwise children will be unable to take part in the play.