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Tom Hunt

Tom is an acclaimed eco-chef, author and sustainable food expert. Tom helped pioneer the global food waste movement, and continues to be an advocate for sustainability. His main focus is to campaign for a fairer food system, working on projects to revive cooking heritage, improve the environment and promote food equality. Tom owns a small award-winning restaurant in Bristol called Poco and spends most of his time in London writing about his food philosophy Root to Fruit Eating for magazines and newspapers such as The Guardian, Telegraph, Olive Magazine, Vegetarian Living and many others. Tom’s food philosophy Root to Fruit Eating means to eat mindfully, reconnecting with our foods origin and nature in order to truly value our food, the planet and the farmers who grow our ingredients. Cooking with Fairtrade ingredients from agro-ecological farms and communities and local, seasonal, whole foods – whole grains but also the whole vegetable including the nutritious roots, skin and leaves of vegetables.

This year Tom Hunt will be demonstrating new recipes following his sustainable philosophy Root to Fruit Eating. Out of a deep respect for food, and with a 'root-to-fruit' approach, Tom Hunt puts together salivating-ly-good seasonal recipes that utilise food to its full potential.