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Veg Ferments with Tiffany Jesse

An introductory, hands-on, workshop with experienced fermenter Tiffany Jesse. Discover the art of making lacto-fermented vegetables. You will leave the session understanding the theory and knowledge behind fermentation so that you can confidently practice it in your own home. Tiffany will take you through the preparation process, discuss the many benefits of fermentation and explain how the fermentation process makes your food more digestible and the nutrients within it more available for absorption hence supporting your health and nutrition. You will leave with a jar of sauerkraut that you have made plus recipes and information sheets.

Tiffany Jesse was chosen as one of the Obserever Food Monthly's 'favorite things' for 2016, where she was described as the Fermentation Queen. She has been fermenting for over 10 years and has seen the dramatic improvement it has had on her own health and that of her family. She lives and works in East Devon running workshops from her own home and other venues. She writes a blog called

Tiffany will be running two hour-long sessions each day which will take place on the decking at 10.30am and 1.30pm

To book a space please click here.

Please note you must have a Food Fair entrance ticket to attend this session.