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Hugh's Crumble

I love a crumble, and I always like to go a bit beyond the classic “butter, flour, sugar, rubbed together” adding texture, interest and wholeness with nuts and oats and sometimes seeds. And I use way less sugar than most recipes. So it’s somewhere between a crumble and a granola. Crumbola? Here is my classic crumble recipe


Rub cold butter into the flour, old school, then stir in the other ingredients. Or do what I’ do, and just mix everything in the tin, with your hands (for this the butter needs to be very soft, even melted – I’ve actually used rapeseed oil here).

For a festive twist, add 100 g of crumbled, pre-cooked chestnuts instead of the 50g bashed nuts.

Bake in a tin for 15-20 mins at c 190°C, turning and stirring at least once, till fairly crunchy and golden brown. It becomes even crunchier as it cools.

You can leave this crumble to cool completely and store in a jar, or sealed tin or Tupperware for a week.

Serving suggestions

For a CLASSIC CRUMBLE you can layer the raw crumble mix over your fruit in a pie dish and bake.

OR (my preference), prebake the crumble separately in tin (as here) Then put a generous layer over a precooked filling (i.e. compote) of fruit such as my Bramley compote - , or stewed plums, or baked rhubarb. Then rebake for about 20 mins at c 170°C.

For a VERSATILE CRUNCHY TOPPING sprinkle the crumble on all kinds of fresh fruit salads and cooked fruit compotes, with or without yoghurt, cream or custard.

For a FUMBLE, layer (or swirl) fruit compotes (or crushed summer berries) with whole milk yoghurt, or whipped cream (or a mix) in a glass, and top generously with the made crumble.

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75g light wholemeal cake flour

50g butter (or oil, rapeseed or sunflower, for a vegan crumble)

50g oats

50g ground almonds/hazelnuts

50g bashed/chopped almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts or pumpkin seeds

30g sugar (soft brown or golden granulated)

100 g of crumbled, pre-cooked chestnuts (optional - swap with the bashed nuts for festive twist)