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Congo Faith Healers


CFH will be at River Cottage Festival on Sunday 25th August

Congo Faith Healers are like no other band and have a totally unique sound and image! Combining swamp infested gypsy blues with wild guitar playing, voodoo vocals, latin american drum and trumpet grooves with rockabilly swing double bass and hooks that you can sing along to instantly, they have one of the most intense and utterly compelling live shows around.

As culturally diverse and unique as the bands image and members is also their twelve track debut album released in december 2009, which was recorded by legendary Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey. The album is 100% self-financed and the first pressings sold out in just a few days!

This band attracts audiences beyond a specific genre, their music is accessible to anyone and this is part of what makes them so unique! They have played with KT Tunstall, Razorlight, Finley Quaye and Supergrass for Radio 1, performed at the HBO True Blood Launch Party as well as Jack Daniels Birthday Party, and with fans that include Ronnie Wood, Franz Ferdinand, Imelda May and Bob Geldof, their reputation as an original and explosive live band is unquestionable.

KT Tunstall called the guys "the best band she had ever seen!" Mark Lamarr featured them twice as special guests on his BBC Radio 2 Show Gods Jukebox, building a incredible pedigree in a short time the future is positively blinding.

The CFH blend their collective influences to create something totally fresh and exhilarating. They have an instantly recognisable sound avoiding cliches and making an evening more interesting and fresh, with accessible and danceable music for any audience, from 8 - 80 years old.