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Simon Mills


Simon from Pukka Herbs will be speaking on the Garden Stage on Saturday 24 August about plant alternatives to sugar.

It is widely agreed that we should find ways to reduce our sugar consumption, to reduce weight and head off diabetes and other long-term problems. Hugh’s TV programme last year made this point very well. In this talk we will review healthy ways to keep sweet without adding sugar, using simple and well-known plants. We will be doing lots of tasting too.

About Simon:

Simon has been a herbal practitioner in Exeter since 1977.He is an acclaimed international speaker on a range of topics, including herbal and traditional medicines, and natural approaches to modern health problems.

He is a Cambridge medical sciences graduate and has been at the forefront of the modern development of herbal, complementary and integrated medicine.

In 1987 he co-founded in Exeter the world’s first university centre for complementary health, has published clinical and other research papers, and written award-winning herbal medicine textbooks. Recently he has pioneered NHS approaches to social prescription and self-care.

At Pukka Herbs, Simon supports the wider herbal team, particularly across education, research, regulatory, and to coordinate relevant partnerships.

Otherwise he has lots of grandchildren to keep him busy!