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Alex Hely-Hutchinson


Alex Hely-Hutchinson, is the founder of 26 Grains, the Neal's Yard, grain based cafe and author of the cookbook, also called 26 Grains.

Alex's cafe and cookbook have been inspired by three elements; quality, seasonality and simplicity. She spent a year living in Copenhagen and what struck her was their attention to quality. The quality of life; the people, the cycling, the daily rhythm of the city and, of course, the food. Alex now lives by the concept that simple ingredients made in the best and most creative ways create the most sensational dishes.

26 Grains was born out of the simple idea of a porridge pop up. Porridge is simple and yet nostalgic and accessible; everybody has their own way of making it. After opening her first permanent site in May 2015, 26 Grains has inspired and excited London’s taste buds from the heart of Neal’s Yard. The past year and a half has seen 26 Grains fans coming from all over the world to taste some of Alex’s enchanting dishes; everything from a wide selection of porridges, warming salads, smoothies and more.