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Nick Weston

Nick will be joining us at the River Cottage Food Fair on Sunday 27 May.

Nick Weston is founder and director of Hunter Gather Cook, a foraging & Cookery School which specializes in Game butchery and fire cookery and was established in 2011.


Based in a 30ft Treehouse deep in the Sussex Woodland, Nick and his skilled team of passionate hunters, foragers and chefs run a diverse range of courses which are designed to teach participants how to process, prepare and cook a wide range of wild plants and animals to a high standard all done over fire.

Nick was born and raised on Ashdown forest in Sussex. From an early age, fly fishing, hunting and foraging were in his blood and these pastimes with the addition of Deer stalking and fire cookery are the driving force behind HGC.

In 2009, having worked in London as a freelance chef for 3 years in the events industry, Nick decided to return to his roots and moved back to Sussex where he built a tree house in a quiet Sussex wood from recycled and natural materials and then lived in it and off the land for the following 6 months completely off-grid. Hunting, fishing and foraging along with a few basic staples and small vegetable patch provided him with a rich, varied diet and self-sufficient lifestyle which would go on to form the ethos of Hunter Gather Cook. A book about his experience ‘The Tree House Diaries: How to live wild in the woods.’ was published by Anova in 2010.

Nick and the HGC Team have been featured on Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube, Vice Munchies, Countryfile, Jamie & Jimmys Friday night Feasts and feature at a variety of different festivals across the UK and in Ireland such as Wilderness Festival, Big Feastival, Meatopia, The Good Life Experience and The Big Grill festival running workshops, banquets and doing demos with the aim of promoting wild food and fire cookery. 

Nick is currently writing the Hunter-Gatherers Cookbook which is HGC first Cookbook which is due to be published in Spring 2019.