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From Rock to Radishes - Geology and Soil


Soil ...that thin, down-trodden layer we often call dirt. Yet soil is crucial to life on Earth. From growing our food to regulating climate change, it is a wonderfully diverse ecosystem of incredible complexity that plays a major role in many of today's environmental challenges. But where does it come from and how does it do it? 

Those who wish to join will go on a tour around RCHQ, exploring the nature and properties of soils, how they form, and how they relate to the underlying geology as it changes across the farm. Prepare to get down with the worms to learn why the food grown at RCHQ is so good for you!

Your guide will be Eddie Bailey, a chartered geologist and soil enthusiast with 30 years experience working with mineral deposits across the world.

Eddie will run a geology tour each day at 11.30am.