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Rude Health Rants


See the Rude Health Rants in the Food for Thought Stage on Saturday 26th May at the Food Fair

You’re in rude health when…you stand up and speak up for what you believe in. You rant. You take your food seriously, not yourself.

The Rude Health Rants, first appearing at the Abergavenny Food Festival nearly 10 years ago, provide an opportunity for food producers, chefs and food writers to take to the stage and rant or rave about topics close to their hearts. We’ve had appeals for more food education in schools, rants about rubbish supermarket sushi, raves about porridge and we have even had a love poem to the Abergavenny Food Festival.

This year, for the first time, relentless ranter and co-founder of Rude Health, Nick Barnard, will be taking our short rants to the ‘Food for Thought’ stage at the River Cottage Food Fair and comparing a lineup of new and seasoned ranters alike.

Come and see these wonderful ranters...

  • Tom Hunt – Conventional farming feeds the world?
  • Dan Powell - Can we make ethical food choices?
  • Rebecca Sullivan – Why we need to live like our grandparents
  • Katie Venner – Sauerkrautathon
  • Will Livingstone – Save our seeds!