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Damson vodka

Large plums are difficult to use for infusions because they tend to rot before they are permeated with sufficient sugar and alcohol to preserve them, and cutting plums in half will just make the drink cloudy. But small plums, particularly damsons, work extremely well in an infusion, like their sloe relatives. Why not make some now, decant as pressies, but don’t forget to label with details of the maturing time.


Makes about 600ml

  • 280g damsons or cherry plums
  • 140g sugar
  • About 600ml vodka


Put the damsons or cherry plums and sugar in a 1-litre Kilner jar, top up with vodka nearly to the brim, close the lid and shake.

Store in a dark cupboard, shaking once every day until the sugar has all dissolved.

Decant the liqueur from the plums after 3 months and bottle.

Allow to mature for a year or so before drinking. Eat the plums with ice cream.