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Strawberry kefir cheesecake

A gut-friendly twist on a classic dessert. Served with fresh strawberries and topped with cornflowers for an optional pop of colour.


Serves 10-12 slices

Place a sieve over a bowl and line with a thin tea towel or muslin cloth. Pour the kefir into the cloth, fold the cloth over and place some weight on top (we've used a stack of weighty pudding bowls) then pop in the fridge for a couple of hours until the excess whey has been squeezed out into the bowl beneath.

Whilst this is happening, mix the melted butter and crushed ginger nuts together and then press into a 20cm loose bottomed tart ring and refrigerate.

Place the double cream and sugar into a large mixing bowl and whip until you can form soft peaks.

Once the kefir is pressed, scrape the strained kefir out of the cloth into the cream (keep any excess whey in the bowl for later!).

Continue to whisk until the mixture becomes nice and thick. Spoon over the ginger nut base and spread it until smooth on top and refrigerate for at least an hour to allow to set.

Serve with halved fresh strawberries tossed in the excess whey and top with an edible flower of your choice - we've opted for cornflowers for a beautiful pop of colour!

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• 2 x 250ml bottles of River Cottage Organic strawberry kefir

• 250g ginger nut biscuits, crushed

• 80g butter, melted

• 500 ml organic double cream

• 100g unrefined caster sugar


• Cornflowers to garnish