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'Sweet' Shortcrust Pastry

"This is my new go to recipe for “Sweet” Shortcrust Pastry. The sweet is in inverted commas, as there’s only two teaspoons of caster sugar, but it’s just enough to shift this recipe (which I use without any sugar for savoury purposes) into dessert mode." Hugh


Pulse the pastry ingredients in the food processor until fine-crumbed, and tip into a large bowl and add the beaten egg. Then bring together with just a dash of ice cold water, using first a fork and then your hands.

Form your dough into a thick disc, and then wrap and chill it in the fridge for a couple of hours.

When ready, roll it out, and line a 25 cm loose-bottomed tart tin and blind bake it – with parchment and clay beads – for 20 mins.

Next remove the beads and bake for a final 5-7 min to finish the base.

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125g light plain wholemeal flour

125g plain white flour

50g ground almonds (optional)

2 teaspoons (10-15 grammes) caster sugar

150g cold butter

1 egg, beaten