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Energy affects everyone’s lives, and pockets, and the way we think about energy here in the UK is changing fast.

Up and down the country there are already hundreds of people getting together and setting up renewable energy projects. They're proving that there really is an alternative way to do things.


Energyshare is managed by the team that brought you River Cottage, Hugh’s Fish Fight, Chicken Out and Landshare and we’ve learnt that when you bring together people, communities, organisations and the media, something really BIG can happen.

Here at River Cottage we’re delighted to be one of energyshare’s founding partners.

We believe that the more of us who are working together, the more we can achieve.

We already have brilliant stories from people across the country who are starting to embrace what we do and we can't wait to hear and be part of more.

So that’s what we’re doing

Energyshare gives everyone the opportunity to source, use and (when you're ready…) even generate your own 100% British renewable energy - and save money doing it.

Energyshare brings together people, communities and organisations to turn the system on its head to:

  • Help everyone interested in it understand how they can save energy - and money.
  • Help the hundreds of community renewable energy projects that are already happening across the UK, become thousands.

Visit the Energyshare website