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Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is a multi-award-winning writer and broadcaster widely known for his uncompromising commitment to seasonal, ethically produced food. He has earned a huge following through his River Cottage TV series and books, as well as campaigns such as Hugh’s Fish Fight.


Gelf Alderson, Executive Head Chef

Gelf was one of the early pioneers of farm to fork philosophy, from his time as Head Chef at the 6500 acre farm at Killerton House. Gelf was Head Chef at River Cottage for four years before being promoted to Executive Head Chef. Today, he is responsible for creating the inspiring food we offer at River Cottage. Gelf is passionate about using food that is farmed locally, sourced from our kitchen garden, or foraged from the surrounding area.

Gill Meller, Chef & Writer

Gill Meller has been part of the River Cottage team for more than ten years. Working closely with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Gill has been a major part of all of the activities at River Cottage including sourcing the ethically-produced and sustainable food, creating the ever changing menus and developing the successful cookery school at River Cottage HQ. He appears regularly on the series cooking alongside Hugh, contributes to the cookbooks and teaches at the River Cottage Cookery School.

Dominic Moldenhauer, Head Chef at HQ

River Cottage team

Key contacts

Stewart Dodd

Chief Executive

Lucy Lomas

Commercial Director

Sam Metcalf

General Manager

Josie Pink

Sales & Events Administrator

Lucy Pugsley

Bespoke Events Manager

Sushila Moles

Bespoke Events

Laura Goldsbury

Wedding Coordinator

Course tutors

David Chambers, Beekeeping

David has been keeping bees for more than twenty years. A member of the East Devon Beekeepers Association, he runs three apiaries totalling approximately twenty hives. Originally keeping bees out of fascination for the gentle and hard working insect, David says: "Working with bees is entertaining, mesmerising and hugely relaxing. It’s the best way I know to get rid of the stress!"

Steven Lamb, Curing & Smoking expert

Steven Lamb teaches on several courses in the Cookery School but specialises in Curing & Smoking. Involved with River Cottage since the beginning, he appears regularly on the TV series and online. He has recently written the River Cottage Handbook on Curing & Smoking. He works closely with Gill Meller and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall representing River Cottage both in the UK and abroad.

John Wright, Foraging

Author of the River Cottage Handbooks Mushrooms, Edible Seashore, Hedgerow and Booze, John is a familiar face from the River Cottage series. He gives lectures on natural history and every year he takes around fifty 'forays', many at River Cottage HQ, showing people how to collect food - plants from the hedgerow, seaweeds and shellfish from the shore and mushrooms from pasture and wood. Fungi are his greatest passion and he has thirty-five years' experience in studying them.

Naomi Devlin, Gluten Free

Naomi Devlin is a nutritionist and unashamed foodie, blessed with a coeliac diagnosis after having her son. Using whole-grains and sourdough cultures, she loves to get excited about the flavourful possibilities of free-from baking and will answer any question on health and diet you care to dream up! Naomi lives in Bridport with her husband, son, and ginger cat, in a sustainable house they built themselves. Naomi leads our Gluten Free, Advanced Gluten Free and Seasonal Nutrition courses.

Rachel de Thample, Preserves

A journalist by trade, Rachel spent time in the kitchens of Marco Pierre White, Heston Blumenthal and Peter Gordon before moving into food writing. She has written two books encouraging us to eat more veg: Less Meat, More Veg and FIVE. A lifelong supporter of home-grown, local, organic food, she became Head of Food for the pioneering organic box scheme Abel & Cole and has helped set up numerous local food initiatives, including the award-winning Crystal Palace Food Market.

Beth Kempton, Wellness

Beth has spent the last decade helping people find ways to live well doing what they love. Her latest book ‘Wabi Sabi: Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life’ was named a recommended read by TIME Magazine, described as ‘a truly transformational read’ by Sunday Times Style.