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Gill to appear at Somersault Festival

We are delighted to present Sunday’s Campfire Feast at Somersault Festival in North Devon.

Headed up by River Cottage Group Head Chef Gill Meller, we'll be hosting an ethical and sustainable feast at this year's Somersault Festival.

Enjoy a hearty lunch or a delicious dinner prepared by Gill and his team at our banqueting tables, rubbing shoulders and clinking glasses with friends old and new.

Somersault is a festival with a new vision. A true summer holiday experience set in the untouched paradise of North Devon, five days of blissful outdoor living, amazing music and wild adventures. Seaside escapades, field trips, trekking, mountain biking, surfing, craft and culture, wellbeing and yoga all sit alongside some of the best new music and established international greats.

Campfire Feasts from headline restaurant partners sit alongside landscape theatre and outdoor spectacles. A riverside wellbeing area nestles close to a secret forest glade where late night parties hum. Alternative circus and street theatre meet international music stars. Archery, falconry and survival camps beside volleyball tournaments. The scope of what’s on offer is truly vast.

Find out more about the Campfire Feast at Somersault Festival.